Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a lot more than a high website ranking on search engines.

With an increasing competition among companies, SEO has become crucial to ensure that your website ranking is high on the search engine. SEO in India is a lot more than just adding the right keywords, with us, you will know how to make your website rank higher and ensure that it remains there. Right from the selection of keywords-that-matter-to-your-business to conversion of traffic into sales, our focus will be to help you find new customers and grow your business.Brainwork Technologies, an SEO agency in Delhi is considered as one of the best SEO company in Delhi, we will go an extra mile to ensure that your website ranks high most of the times. Our team of SEO experts handles SEO services in India and makes an extra effort to ensure that your website is always a step ahead.

Brainwork Advantage:

  • We offer not only on page optimization but also off page optimization.
  • Rather than selecting keywords, we constantly research and keep a track for apt keywords for your website.
  • Creation of URL structures and internal linking
  • Creation and addition of Meta Tags, ALT Tags and H1 Tags
  • XML and User Facing sitemap creation
  • Creation and posting of regular blogs, articles and press releases and ensure regular comments on the blogs
  • Go local or as worldwide as you want, we can build SEO for both or anything in between.
  • We know controlling expenses is critical for small businesses. Hence we offer our services at an affordable rate.

Our Services

  • Full customer support with every plan.
  • Monthly reports tracking search engine rankings, SEO, activity, and Google analytics and provide the basis for a monthly action plan.
  • Content creation sources that are as unique as your business.

Our SEO Core Services

At Brainwork Technologies, a renowned SEO agency in India, we use organic search and provide results which come from the algorithm used by the search engine. Organic search will give you a better idea about your website and a clear insight into the business.
Our team of experts develops an on page SEO strategy that will leverage your business and ensure a higher ranking of your website. Our strategy will ensure more search traffic with every content that you publish.
With effective link building, we bring external pages to link to a page on your website. This improves the visibility of your website and increases the traffic.