Q1. Why should I outsource?

Ans : You are the best judge of that. If you think you really need to outsource then go ahead. You will get better quality, less turnaround time and cheap cost. But do not outsource only to save money, because you may end up with a bad product or land up paying more to make it running.

Q2. What are the things that I should consider while outsourcing?

Ans : You need to basically know your own requirement and not leave to the vendor to understand your requirements. You should be as detailed as possible about your requirements. Demand total transparency from the vendor regarding timelines, delivery and pricing. Be in constant touch with the team.

Q3. What are the kind of projects you undertake?

Ans : We do projects of web designing, corporate identity, web development, open source customization, SEO and content writing

Q4. I am worried about data ownership and confidentiality. Will you take care of it if I outsource my work to you?

Ans : We get into a non-disclosure agreement with our clients which states that we will not disclose or sell any kind of business ideas or your product details with any one. Also the code is the intellectual property of you or your company.

Q5. I outsourced some work few months back, but it was not a success. Will it be a same story with you guys?

Ans : Well you need to work with us to know it. There are different kind of companies and different sizes. Our team has an experience of more than 10 years and know how to execute projects. We will suggest you that you begin with a small job and move gradually. Many people make mistake of giving huge projects in the beginning and loose them in mid way. We believe that it takes time to adjust to the style or working and knowing about the exact requirements. Once we know them it is smooth sailing.

Q6. Whom does your team comprise of?

Ans : Our team comprises of account managers, system architects, Project mangers, Team Leaders, Designers, Developers, Testers, SEO specialists, content writers and marketing team.

Q7. Will communication be a problem with your team?

Ans : No not at all. We have a system where we have the account manager who handles the client and his requirements. His basic role is to communicate well with the client. The team leader’s role is more towards achieving the goals of the project. It is only in absence of the Account manager that the team leader communicates with the client. We regularly communicate on emails, chats and conference calls.

Q8. How much time will it take to complete the project?

Ans : We work on turnkey basis, hourly basis, and dedicated resource basis. We can help you choose the best and cost effective model that will work for your project.

Q9. Will I have all the details of my project in the proposal?

Ans : It all depends upon the project. The timelines are discussed at the time of sales and also once the handover is done by the sales team to the operations team. In case there are changes in the timeline then they are informed well in the advance. Also the timely delivery of the project is dependant on the regular feedback that we get from the client.

Q10. What about the Quality?

Ans : Yes surely. We maintain complete transparency in all the transactions. You will have complete details related to the deliverables, timelines and finances in the proposal.

Q11. Are your designs according to global look and feel?

Ans : Our designs are according to the global standards and are not according to local taste. We very much adapt to the taste of the clients. We moreover take the full requirements of the client before we begin work on the concept.

Q12. How do I come to know about the progress of my project?

Ans : In the beginning of the project, the milestones are set for each of the projects. The timelines and each task os shared with the client on the Project management system which we have specially placed for the clients. In our project management system you can view all the details and monitor the progress of the website.

Q13. What are your working hours?

Ans : We work from Indian standard time from 9:00 till 10:00 pm or 3:30 am to 4:30 pm GMT time. The sales team is available on different time zones. For further information please see the contact us information.

Q14. Do I need to make payment in advance or once the project is completed?

Ans : We do take some part of the payment as advance and then later on once is ready and once again when it is completed. If you continue working with us, surely over a period of time when we are comfortable with each other we can be flexible with the payment terms and make it on monthly basis.

Q15. How can I make the payment to you?

Ans : Glad you asked this because after all the hard work we want to make sure that we get the payment. You can make the payment through wire transfers, paypal and shortly you will be able to pay through credit cards.We accept payemnts in USD, GBP,EURO, INR.

Q16. If something goes wrong on our site after the project is finished, will you be able to help us?

Ans : Why not? Customer satisfaction is the most important thing for us. We give warranty of certain days or month depending on the project size. Apart from this we enter into maintenance contract with our customers to serve them better.

Q17. Ok, whom should I contact in your office to give my requirements?

Ans : You can simply fill the form on Request a Quote page with all the details and one of our members of the sales team will contact you.